Full Mouth Rehabilitation is used to correct a severely worn dentition. Usually, that’s caused by age, or it’s caused by clenching and grinding, or it could be caused by acid erosion as well. The teeth will appear short and worn down, even the back teeth.

If you look at they back teeth, they would have no enamel on them, they would be discolored and very flat. One thing we noticed with a collapse bite, the patient will tend to have a little more wrinkling of the face, their face may appear a little bit shorter because they’ve worn the teeth away. And so when they bite down, the upper jaw on the lower jaw are coming closer together.

This can be corrected with a Full Mouth Rehabilitation. The process for Full Mouth Rehabilitation is to open the bite back up so that the patient has a more useful appearance again. We lengthen the teeth, including the front teeth. So that when a person smiles, we see that their teeth look like they did years prior.

Left untreated, severely worn dentition can lead to root canals. It can lead to fractured teeth, loss of teeth, periodontal disease. So there are lots of issues that are going to occur down the road for a patient that doesn’t address a collapsed or worn dentition.

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